The Boyfriend Experience - Attractive men for demanding women

Companionship Services For Women

After years of running the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, one of the most well known international agencies for the exquisite Girlfriend Experience, we have given in to popular demand and expanded our range of services by providing the Boyfriend Experience for economically independent women. We exclusively feature straight male escort in our portfolio.


The BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE is a Swiss organization providing unique companionship services for women. Our organization manages the most attractive and interesting straight male companions around the globe. Our carefully selected male escorts provide a true VIP experience.

Competent Team

Our dedicated team is skilled and experienced, so we can provide an unforgettable experience.Our team can arrange passionate weekends away or small vacations with a hot male escort.


We cooperate in South Africa with the EPICURE Club to provide exquisite bachelorette parties.


Discreetness and confidentiality are the key factors which made our business successful.

Applicable Law

Our services are fully in compliance with applicable Swiss law, so we can focus on providing the ultimate service for our discerning clientele.